Protagonisti del garage rock degli anni ottanta, la musica tendnzialmente anni ’60 con influenze beat e r’n’b. In tour a fianco dei Ramones riescono a farsi un enorme successo nel 1987. Molto spesso si affidano a cover e il suo leader Greg Prevost, molto influenzato dalla musica dei Rolling Stones, affila le sue composizioni quasi sembrare un replicante. Molto bravi tecnicamente e con i passare degli anni la formazione cambia di sovente.



* Greg Prevost lead vocals, multi-instrumentalist 1979

* Andy Babiuk bass, multi-instrumentalist 1979

* Orest Guran organ, guitar, 1979–1986)

* Richard Cona lead guitar 1979–c.1987

* Doug Meech drummer 1979–c.1988

* Walt O’Brien guitar, organ, 1986-1987

* Paul Rocco guitar 1990-1995)

* Brett Reynolds drums 1990-1993)

* Kris Hadlock(drums 1994-1996)

* Jeff Okolowicz guitar 1995-1999)

* Ted Okolowicz guitar 1995-1999)

* Paul Morabito guitar 1999–current)

* Mike Boise(drums, percussion 1996

* Jeff Okolowicz(guitar 2009




* Here are the Chesterfield Kings (1982, Mirror Records MR-9, 14-song LP)

* Stop! (1985, Mirror Records MR-10, 12-song LP; also remastered 14-song LP and cassette MR-10R)

* Don’t Open Till Doomsday (1987, Mirror Records MR-12, 14-song LP, 15-song cassette)

* Night of The Living Eyes (1989, Mirror Records MR-13, 14-song LP/CD/cassette); early compilation of early singles and rarities.

* Berlin Wall of Sound (1989, Mirror Records MR-15, 15-song CD/cassette, 14-song LP)

* Drunk On Muddy Water (1990, Mirror Records MCD-16, 13-song limited edition CD)

* Let’s Go Get Stoned (1994, Mirror Records MR-19); several sources inaccurately give the title as Let’s Get Stoned; 14-song LP, CD, and cassette).

* Surfin’ Rampage (1997, Mirror Records M-23, 32-song double LP and CD)

* Trippin’ Out (1997, Impossible Records (Spain), 6-song 10-inch disc)

* Where the Action Is (1999, Sundazed LSD 13, 17-song CD)


Chesterfield Kings discografia non ufficiale


* The Mindbending Sounds of… (Living Eye / Sundazed, 2003; 14-song CD, 12 song LP)

* The Mindbending Sounds of… (Wicked Cool Records, 2006; 14-song CD)

* Psychedelic Sunrise… (Wicked Cool Records, 2007; 12-song CD)

* Psychedelic Sunrise… (Wicked Cool Records, 2008; 12-song vinyl/16 song CD)

* Live Onstage…If You Want It (Wicked Cool Records; Live LP/CD/DVD




* “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” b/w “Exit 9”

* “You Can’t Catch Me” b/w “I Won’t Be There” 1981,

* “Hey Little Bird” b/w “I Can Only Give You Everything” 1982,

* “I’m Going Home” b/w “A Dark Corner” 1982,

* “She Told Me Lies” b/w “I’ve Got a Way With Girls” 1984,

* “Baby Doll” b/w “I Cannot Find Her (acoustic version)” 1987,

* “Next One In Line” b/w “Talk Talk” and “You Drive Me Nervous” 1991,

* “Hey Joe” b/w “Roadrunner” “The Paisley Zipper Band”, 1994, Get Hip Recordings,

* “Misty Lane” b/w “Little Girl” 1997,

* “Wrong From Right” b/w “So What” 1998,

* “Run Rudolph Run” 1998, * “Help You Ann” b/w Lyres “She Told Me Lies”

* “She Pays The Rent” b/w Lyres “She Told Me Lies” 2000,

* “Where Do We Go From Here” b/w “Louis, Go Home” 1999,

* “Yes I Understand” b/w “Sometime At Night” 2001,

* Johnny Thunders and the Chesterfield Kings

* Fossils

* Kingsize Rock ‘n’ Roll

* Long Ago, Far Away (Paisley Zipper Band)


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