Gruppo di culto, anche se hanno inciso pochi dischi. Nascono nel 1981 a Glasgow composto da un trio e in qualche caso accompagnati da sessionman soprattutto nei fiati. Si distinguono per il loro stile musicale con malinconici ritmi e atmosfere surreali. Tecnicamente molto validi, danno il meglio di sé dal vivo. Giànel 2004 la band interrompe la sua attività musicale.

Discografia album

* A Walk Across the Rooftops (Linn, 1984)

* Hats (Linn/Virgin, 1989)

* Peace at Last (Warner Bros., 1996)

* High (Sanctuary, 2004)


* “I Love This Life” / “The Second Act” (RSO, 1981)

Tratto da A Walk Across the Rooftops:

1. “Stay” (remix) / “Saddle the Horses” (Linn, 1984)

2. “Tinseltown in the Rain” / “Heatwave” (Instrumental) (Linn, 1984) (7″ single)

3. “Tinseltown in the Rain” / “Regret” / “Heatwave” (Instrumental) (Linn, 1984) (12″ single)

Tratto da Hats:

1. “The Downtown Lights” / “The Wires are Down” / “Halfway to Paradise” (Linn/Virgin, 1989)

2. “Headlights on the Parade” (Bob Clearmountain remix) / “Headlights on the Parade” (LP Version) / “Easter Parade (with Rickie Lee Jones)” (Linn/Virgin, 1989)

3. “Saturday Night” (edit) / “Seven A.M.” (Live USA NYC) / “Saturday Night” (LP version) (Linn/Virgin, 1989) (CD5 version 1)

4. “Saturday Night” (edit) / “Our Lives (1. Lost / 2. Bolivia / 3. New York)” / “Saturday Night” (LP version) (Linn/Virgin, 1989) (CD5 version 2)

Tratto da Peace at Last:

1. “Happiness” (edit) / “O Lolita” / “War is Love” (A Different Day) (Warner Bros., 1996) (CD5 version 1)

2. “Happiness” (edit) / “New York Man” / “Wish Me Well” (Warner Bros., 1996) (CD5 version 2)

Tratto da High:

1. “I Would Never” / “I Love This Life” / “The Second Act” (Sanctuary, 2004)

2. “She Saw the World” / “Soul Boy” (remix) (Sanctuary, 2005 – Promo only – never released)


Paul Buchanan (vocals, guitar)

Robert Bell (bass)

Paul Joseph Moore (keyboards)

Collaboratori musicisti e cantanti:

* Craig Armstrong: “Let’s Go Out Tonight” from The Space Between Us

* Chris Botti: “Midnight Without You” from Midnight Without You

* Julian Lennon: “Other Side Of Town” from Help Yourself

* Máire Brennan: “Big Yellow Taxi” from Misty Eyed Adventures

* Rickie Lee Jones: “Easter Parade” from “Headlights on the Parade” single from Hats

* Michael McDonald : “I Want You” Written & Produced by Paul Buchanan & Robert Bell from the Album “Blink Of An Eye”

* Annie Lennox: “The Gift” from Diva

* Quiet City: “Due North” and “Things We Should Say” from Public Face, Private Face

* Grace Pool: “Stay” from Grace Pool (1988)

* Robbie Robertson: “Breakin’ the Rules” from Storyville (Moore and Bell on several other tracks)

* Texas: “Sleep” from Red Book

* Robin Danar: Paul Buchanan sings on “Message of Love” from the CD Altered States

* Peter Gabriel: Paul Buchanan featured in the songs “Downside Up” and “Make Tomorrow” from the album OVO

* Aqualung: Paul Buchanan featured on the song “Garden of Love” from Memory Man, and co-wrote the song “36 Hours” on the 2010 album “Magnetic North”

* Brian Kennedy: “Wish Me Well” written by Paul Buchanan, Original Blue Nile version was on the B-side of “Happiness”. Covered by Kennedy on his album, A Better Man

* Michael Brook: Paul Buchanan featured in the songs “RockPaperScissors” from RockPaperScissors

* The Devlins: Robert Bell as guest producer on the Devlin’s first album Drift for the song “I Don’t Want to Be Like This”

* Seasons Of Light: Christmas CD – Paul Buchanan sings the title track and “Silent Night”

* Melanie C: Paul Buchanan wrote the track titled “Soul Boy” from Reason (the song’s first release was in 1997, by Polish singer Edyta Górniak).

* Tinsel Town: “Tinseltown in the Rain” remixed for the soundtrack and used as the theme for the 2000-2001 BBC Scotland show.



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