Gruppo musicale inglese nati nel 1990, evoluti in un mix musicale che spazia dall’elettronica alla dance, con melodie tradizionali orientali. Molti brani sono pure forzature ambient, con testi di invocazione di pace e impegnati sutemi politici contro le guerre nel mondo. nel 1998 sono andati in tour europeo con Jimmy Page e Robert Plant ex Led Zeppeilin. Si può definire un gruppo multietnico.



* Natacha Atlas (vocals)

* Count Dubulah (real name Nick Page – bass, sampler)

* Neil Sparkes (percussion)

* Johnny Kalsi (dhol)

* Coleridge (rapping)

* Gurjit Sihra (Dhol)

* TUUP (an acronym for “The Unorthodox Unprecedented Preacher”, real name Godfrey Duncan – vocals, percussion)

* Sheema Mukherjee (sitar)

* Larry Whelan (saxophone, clarinet, ney, shenai, string arrangements)

Ex collaboratori

* Aki Nawaz (of Fun Da Mental)

* Heitham Al-Sayed (of Senser)

* British alternative jazz guitarist Billy Jenkins

* Amanda de Grey (former Transmitters keyboard player)

* Bulgarian harmony singing group Trio Bulgarka

Discografia album

* Dream of 100 Nations, 1993,

* International Times, 1994,

* Psychic Karaoke, 1996,

* Rejoice Rejoice, 1998

* Yes Boss Food Corner, 2001

* Impossible Broadcasting, 2004

* Moonshout, 2007

Compilation/Remix Albums

* Interplanetary Meltdown, 1995 (remix album)

* Backpacking On The Graves Of Our Ancestors, 1999 (greatest hits album with some new tracks and mixes)

* Impossible Re-Broadcasting, 2007 (remix album)

* Run Devils and Demons, 2009 (2 CD compilation of TGU’s career)



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